Tuition and Fees Payment

For International student and graduate :

Credit course 4 weeks     CAD$1900

Credit Course 2 months  CAD$2900

Credit Course 3 months  CAD$3900

Credit Course 4 months   CAD$4900

Credit Course 5 months   CAD$5900

You may also register for any of the courses and switch to the another program (receiving the packaged rate) .

Installment Plan Fees:

  • 100%of the fees are payable with course registrations and other requested services and are required to be paid to Ontario College for Research and Development .

  • 50% of the fees are refundable if the visa is denied. 

  • The fee is Non refundable after the visa acceptance.

For the Visa admission and Requirements please review CIC page

Registration fees for Canadian citizens and permanent residents:

(receiving the packaged rate)

Admission Requirements for Short Courses in Canada

  • Academic Transcripts:

Majority of the colleges ask for a transcript of the last four years of high school for post-secondary diploma/certificate admission. Bachelor’s degree is required for post-graduate diploma/certificate admission.

Transcripts should be original and translated in English. Some colleges also accept certified copies of original transcripts at the time of application considering original documents are provided at the time of enrolment. Transcripts can be submitted through electronic medium or mail depending upon the requirements of the college.

  • Birth Certificate and Parental Consent: Vocational colleges, specially CEGEPs requires submission of birth certificate. Additionally, students below 18 years of age according to their birth certificate, must also submit parental consent (form or application) for studying in Canada.

Terms and conditions:

  • Changes can only be made if there is a seat available in your requested course.

  • Some changes, such as course transfers, may require payment of additional tuition fees.

  • You must provide a valid reason for the course or program change.

  • You cannot transfer your classes to another person.

  • If you are in a co-op program and want to change your diploma course, you must fill out a change request form and have it signed by both instructors.

Online Payment


1- Press the provided link and set the required amount in the Amount Icon according

to your category + plus US$25 for the transaction fee.

2-Complete your contact information and press continue .


3- complete your card form .


4- you will receive the receipt at your email address , keep it with you and

notify us at our email address